Rohingya Muslims: A Community Nobody Wants to Endorse

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I got to know about the Rohingya Muslims in the year 2012 when a protest was organized by Raza Academy in Mumbai against the violence on Rohingya Muslims by the native Burmese people in Myanmar. The protest was about how the state government was systematically killing the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and how they are forced to leave the country in which they lived for nearly 500 years. In response of the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims a protest was organized in Azad maidan in Mumbai, India. the aim of the protest was to condemn the atrocities on Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar and the Assam riots that happened same year in India. While the protest was going on few muslim youths distributed provocative photos related to both and a riot broke at the same premises. The Amar Jawan Jyoti which is a war memorial built in the honor of freedom fighters of India was desecrated which put a serious question on the patriotism of Muslims living in India. After reading the news I was very said because for a group of fanatics their religion comes above their nation and they also defame the name of Islam with their this act. Many people started saying that for Muslims their religion come first and then any other thing in this world. In my view Muslim should refrain it self from doing such activities which brings a direct question to their identity. Anyways I will be more focusing here on the issue of Rohingya Muslims any why none of the nation in this planet want to give them their citizenship.

The plight of Rohingya Muslims is not hidden from world now.
The plight of Rohingya Muslims is not hidden from world now.

The Rohingya Muslims are the majority Muslim population in the Rakhine State of Myanmar and they have been living there from last 300 to 400 years. The British colonial rule encouraged Bengali inhabitants from adjacent regions of India to migrate into the lightly populated and fertile valleys of Arakan as farm laborers. At that time there was no international boundary between Bengal and Arakan and no restrictions on migration between the regions. In the early of 19th century, thousands of Bengalis from the Chittagong region settled in Arakan region of Maynmar and contributed to population. When Myanmar achieved its freedom the Burmese government refused to recognize the Rohingyas as Burmese citizens and it was the start of their tragic story. Now to live in the country where there ancestors lived for hundreds if year they have to prove that they were living in Myanmar from last 60 years which many are not able to do due to lack of documents. It was reported that around 140000 Rohingya Muslims live in Myanmar but their condition is very bad. They are living a life of refugee in their own country and they are not regarded as one of the country’s 135 official ethnic groups and are denied citizenship under Myanmar’s 1982 Citizenship Law, which effectively renders them stateless.

A protest against atrocities on Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar
A protest against atrocities on Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar

Now days the Rohingyas are regarded as one of the most persecuted community in the world. They are basically a Muslim community who use Bengali as their mother tongue and it seems to be their main problem. The Burmese government treat them as non-native to the country and all the right enjoyed by native people of the country. The Rohingyas live in ghetto-like camps that they can’t leave without government permission and to get a citizenship they need to prove they have lived in Myanmar for 60 years. Maynmar is a county where majority of population follows Bhuddism. Bhuddism is a religion originated from the teaching of Hinduism and even the founder of Bhuddism was a Hindu by birth. Most of the principles of Bhuddism are derived from the facts of Hinduism. Although the Buddhist people are often non follower of violence but what triggered the riots of such kind in 2012? The problem lies somewhere in the history when the people of Rohingya community tried to create a separate country out of Myanmar which the native people are not in mood to forget. The Burmese people still think that the Rohingya people will try to partition their country and that’s why strict rules are placed on them . They cannot vote and even if they jump through the citizenship test hoops, they have to identify as “naturalized” as opposed to Rohingya, and limits are placed on them entering certain professions like medicine, law or running for office. Myanmar views its Rohingya population as illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

A Child belonging to Rohingya Muslim community died while crossing the sea and entering to another country
A Child belonging to Rohingya Muslim community died while crossing the sea and entering to another country

The riots of 2012 resuted in displacement of nearly 50% of Rohingya population living in Myanmar and since then they are wandering country to county. No country in the world is willing to accept them. Even the so called countries which claim to be the flag bearer of Islam didn’t allow them to be a part of their country. Some 150 Rohingya Muslims died while escaping the harsh military rule of Myanmar, 110 died while crossing the sea and some more we denied entry into the countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. Even Bangladesh didn’t allow them to be a part of their country although the Rohingya people speak Bengali. UNO with the help of Indian government settled nearly 40000 Rohingya people in India and it has been nearly 4 years and these people are earning their livelihood in India. They have even learned Hindi, the native language used in North India and they have established small shops and they do small menial jobs to survive. They say that they have to face the discrimination and problem from Policemen who try to extort money from then but in the end they have to face all the challenges to live in the country. Right Before writing this article I read a news that Indian Government was planning to deport the Rohingya Muslims living in India and it is a fresh alarm for the people. They don’t have Human Rights, they don’t have citizenship of any country, nor any country is ready to accept them.

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